About Us

The club was formed in 1965 as Parkview Cricket Club and fielded it’s first side in D grade of the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association in 1965/66. The club was formed by a group of players who had played with St Lukes, but they decided to form a club of their own as there was some doubt about the future of that club. The founding players from St Lukes included Chris Day, Mal & john Boschier, Christ Nichols, Stewart Graham, Maurie Bell, Bill Lockhart and Ron Elverd.

Another player to join the club was Brian Dinsdale who at the time was a student at Mitcham High School. In following seasons he lured fellow students Colin Bull, John Peck and David Peebeles to Parkview. The club’s home ground was initially Nunawading High School, with some home games being played at Deep Creek reserve on Anderson’s Creek Rd, East Doncaster, at Donvale Soccer Ground and also at Blooms, (now Simpson’s) Reserve in Cochrane St, Mitcham with this ground still being used by the club.

The colours of Parkview were originally green and brown. During the early seasons players raised funds by delivering leaflets around various parts of Melbourne on Sundays. The club were premiers in 1965/66 with Chris Nichols collecting 75 wickets (still a club record), the inaugural president was Mr William Piercy.

On the 14th July 1967 the club changed its name to Heatherdale Cricket Club and its colours to blue and white. In 1968/69 the club moved to the Heatherdale Reserve in Purches Street, Mitcham. The main Heatherdale Reserve was laid out in the 1972/73 season and at the time the club’s pitch was moved from the now No.2 oval to its present position.

Heatherdale has grown progressively from its foundation to one of the largest clubs in the association, with 6 senior teams, a Veterans team, up to 14 junior boys teams and 3 junior girls teams.

In the seniors the 2nds were added in 1967/68, the 3rds in 1971/72, the 4ths in 1974/75, the 5ths in 1977/78 and the 6ths in 1979/80. Our first junior side was the U14s who were fielded for the first time in 1969/70. The first U16s side was the following year while the first U12 side turned out during the 1972/73 season. Veterans began in 2006 and we were one of the inaugural clubs to have girls teams in 2015/16 season.

At the beginning of 92/93, due in main to the ageing of the local population, the junior club merged with Vermont Uniting, doubling junior numbers at Heatherdale.

And so we see the creation of Heatherdale Cricket Club, one of the powerhouse clubs in the BHRDCA.



Name Year Inducted
1 Chris Day    1971/1972
2 Colin Bull    1975/1976
3 John Peck    1981/1982
4 Kevon Harris (Deceased)    1981/1982
5 Ron Smith    1983/1984
6 Bob Bywater    1984/1985
7 Michael Van Zuyden    1986/1987
8 Michael Sole    1987/1988
9 John Box    1989/1990
10 Warren McIlroy    1991/1992
13 Chris Box    1994/1995
14 Jim Corrigan    1996/1997
15 Peter Grierson    1997/1998
16 Mark Lloyd    1997/1998
17 Martin Lavelle    1997/1998
18 Terry Brown    1998/1999
19 Phil Jackson    1999/2000
20 Tom Anderson    2000/2001
21 Clive Matthews    2001/2002
22 Graeme Woolridge    2004/2005
23 Jon Cadzow    2004/2005
24 Chris Toole    2004/2005
25 Andrew Jamieson    2005/2006
26 Neale Clarke    2010/2011
27 Tim Da Silveira    2011/2012
28 John Gillard    2011/2012
29 Peter Burckhardt    2011/2012
30 Malcolm Elliott    2012/2013
31 Tony Grierson    2012/2013
32 Anthony Stewart    2013/2014
  Vermont Uniting
11 Ray Dyer    1993/1994
12 Alex Gillespie (Deceased)    1993/1995