Notice of Annual General Meeting on 16th May 2018

To all members, supporters and sponsors of Heatherdale Cricket Club: We wish to formally advise all interested parties of our Annual General Meeting, to be held on Wednesday 16th May, 2018, at 7:30PM, at the Heatherdale Club Rooms. We also wish to advise of a proposed change to the clubs constitution. This will be voted on at the AGM. All members are encouraged to attend the AGM and help shape the future of our great club!

MOTION: That the composition of the committe be amended to reflect the chaging needs of the modern game from;

The Committee shall consist of the following members:
President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and four Committee Members.
The Committee of management shall consist of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and others deemed necessary for the effective running of the club.

REASON FOR CHANGE: The composition of the committee needs to change to reflect the changing needs of the modern game. Whilst wholesale changes are not anticipated annually the committee would like the flexibility to add executive and non-executive positions as the needs arise. As an example there will likely be a need for dedicated senior women’s representaive in the near future. For season 2018/2019 the proposal is for the attached executive and non-executive positions.


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